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I blog about all things eco-architecture, from materials and structure to philosophy and design, with a focus on the Passivhaus standard. Passivhaus offers clearly defined energy and comfort standards that produce excellent results. The technical criteria result in buildings that are healthy for both the people and the planet. The principles of Passivhaus are: build robustly, wrap it up warm, use the sun for heating and maintain good air quality. These simple criteria make the standard a sustainable solution for everyone - which is why Passivhaus is core to the ethos of my practice and the focus of my research.

Joanna Lindley


RIBA Chartered Architect, Certified Passivhaus Designer, founder of architectural practice JL Studio and The Eco Architect blog... And all-round sustainability enthusiast. If you're looking for an architect or a Certified Passivhaus Designer that takes a creative, collaborative and sustainable approach to design, take a look at my practice website and get in touch.

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JL Studio

Winston Churchill Travelling Fellowship

I am a Fellow of the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust. With this research fellowship I will be learning from international examples how Passivhaus, the rigorous design and construction standard, can be elevated from daunting to desirable here in the UK.

The Winston Churchill Memorial Trust (WCMT) is an organisation that funds “British citizens to investigate inspiring practice in other countries, and return with innovative ideas for the benefit of people across the UK”. I have been awarded a Fellowship within the category New Approaches to Affordable Housing – it is my aim to make Passivhaus the standard of choice for affordable housing.
As long as architects, contractors and developers remain daunted by the criteria, affordable Passivhaus homes will continue to be out of reach. Other countries have overcome these problems – I want to understand how and bring that knowledge back to the UK. I will meet with developers, contractors, policy-makers and thought-leaders in Germany, Ireland and the USA, where Passivhaus has been (or is in the process of being) adopted on a large scale.
I will keep an update of my research on this blog and after my travels I will write a Fellowship Report, sharing my findings with those influential in the construction industry. I hope that the long-term impact will be that more people in the UK can afford to live in highly sustainable and healthy homes.

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