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The earth’s climate has changed before, but this amazing cartoon by XKCD offers a shocking reality check. Scroll down through the last 22,000 years and watch the gentle fluctuations of temperature. Spoiler alert: it doesn’t end well.

Our predecessors didn’t know how their actions would affect the planet. We do. We need to take “immediate, massive action to limit climate change.” Zero Carbon Buildings could play a big role in jogging us off our current path of self-destruction.

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At home with… Joanna Lindley – Housing June/July 2016

I have been interviewed for the ‘At home with…’ feature of Housing magazine, a monthly publication for housing professionals. The article, written by Mark Cantrell, delves into the mission and methods behind my research Fellowship with the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust.

“Lindley has no doubt that it [Passivhaus] forms part of the UK’s solution for delivering lower cost, better performing, more sustainable homes.” – Mark Cantrell

You can read the full article in the June/July 2016 digital edition of Housing, here: At home with… Joanna Lindley.

Sustainable architecture is sometimes tarnished with accusations of being boxy or samey. This slideshow of residential Passivhaus projects in Germany counters such unjustified accusations. Passivhaus is purely a performance standard and need not inhibit the creativity of its designers – these beautiful buildings provide the proof.

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Using sustainable design and construction solutions is often, by a happy coincidence, more affordable than ‘regular’ building techniques. This is due to the efficiencies and optimisations required to make a successful low energy building. Affordable Passivhaus construction was a running theme throughout the lectures at the International Passivhaus Conference this year, with delegates enthusiastically sharing their ideas.

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Last month, I began the travels for my Churchill Fellowship by making a pilgrimage to Darmstadt in Germany, the birthplace of the Passivhaus standard. I gathered with fellow ‘Passivhausers’ from around the world for the 20th International Passivhaus Conference and to celebrate the impressive milestone of 25 years of Passivhaus. Technology, techniques, awareness and enthusiasm for the standard have evolved dramatically since the prototype house was constructed, but the reliable physics underlying the system remains largely unchanged.

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I have been awarded a 2016 Winston Churchill Travelling Fellowship to learn from international examples how Passivhaus, the rigorous design and construction standard, can be elevated from daunting to desirable here in the UK.

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“Long live the planet. Long live Humanity. Long live life itself.”

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Hidden within Hyde Park, London, is the LookOut Education Centre, geared up to teach visitors of the park all about the natural world. David Morley Architects, were set the brief of creating a sustainable structure evocative of a treehouse in the woodland canopy. It is definitely worth a visit – especially with your little naturalists. For more information about the centre click here.


Put simply, what is a Passivhaus?

A Passivhaus is a building which is both energy efficient and comfortable.

How is this quantified?

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Why aren’t we desperate to build sustainably? What’s holding us back?

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